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Most popular genres in global store

Here’s a list of the most popular (prevalent) genres on the LicenseQuote Global Store page. The research, using the keywords search filter, was done in September 2013 to identify to most popular “top 50” genres found in the LQ Global Store. They are listed below from the most popular (at top) and on down, based on total number of tracks available in each category.

Genres Total Tracks
Pop 7,364
Country 5,271
Rock 5,048
Cinematic 1,532
Orchestral/Symphonic 1,487
Hip-Hop 1,391
Jazz 1,222
Electronica 1,208
World 1,101
Religious 1,020
Ambient 982
R&B 785
Blues 739
Corporate 726
Indie Rock 723
Classical 693
Folk 611
Gospel 607
Sound Effects 597
Alternative Rock 511
Easy Listening 479
Latin 479
Rap 478
Classic Rock 453
Sound Design 438
Holiday 400
Ethnic 312
Children 275
Singer/Songwriter 246
Bluegrass 205
80’s 199
Americana 179
70’s 168
Reggae 163
Big Band 146
Adult Contemporary 119
Heavy Metal 116
Meditation 106
60’s 98
Christian 98
90’s 96
50’s 90
Ragtime 53
Marching Band 18
40’s 11
Acapella 11
30’s 2
1920’s 1
Other n/a

Notes and analysis:
* Normally there’s some overlap between two or more genres, so the total count of searched returns will be greater than the total number of tracks available (at any given time) in the Global Store.

* All genres are created and self-defined by the publishers themselves (not LicenseQuote), so this gives a good idea which genres are the most commonly used, but is not necessarily a direct reflection of the most-searched genres by the majority of music supervisors and licensing buyers, though among the top third (15 – 18) it possibly could be.

* Keep in mind that actual search results will fluctuate (hourly, daily, weekly) as publishers switch or edit genres, tags, track descriptions and remove or add new material, etc.

* Most of these are considered “primary” genres, while a few could be considered subgenres, which have (for one reason or another) become popular enough to be recognized as main-line genres. This is mostly a matter of marketing and changing “tastes” as it’s common knowledge that genre “labels” are often used subjectively and may depend on the size and nature of a publisher’s active catalog.

* Not all tracks that are “Acapella” will appear only under the “Acapella” genre label, as many more could also be cataloged under Pop, Easy Listening, Hip-Hop or R&B (for example) and then use “Acapella” as a subgenre. So please note that just because a genre appears to have few tracks, it doesn’t mean there can’t be more similar tracks found. For example, you could search for “easy listening acapella” or other combinations of keywords to get completely different, even unexpected or surprising results.

* If you are a publisher with an LQ plan and catalog, you might consider using some of these popular (fairly mainstream) genres for your own store, using the genre filter and appropriate track tags, etc. For example, Hip-Hop will help buyers find your tracks more frequently than using lesser-known spellings such as “Hip Hop”, “HipHop” or “Hip/Hop”, so it helps to know which spelling to use for the most standard, popular genres.

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