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Global store features for music supervisors and licensing buyers

This article provides updated information about the Global Music Store features and benefits of the global store single sign-on registration. Below is a list of the most important new features that will be of interest to music supervisors and licensing buyers coming to this page on the LicenseQuote site.

Global Store Features

  • Search music from all listed publishers
    • Use keywords, types and source filters
    • Preview MP3 files in waveform image player1
    • Register once to access all publisher’s stores
    • Deal directly with the copyright owners & managers
  • Save and share songs/tracks
    • Create and manage project folders
    • Alternate mixes and versions available2
    • Download audio files for your project evaluation2
  • Get auto-calculated price quotes1
    • License fees based on selected usage
    • Request clearance and custom price quotes1
    • Blanket license subscriptions & downloads2
  • Major credit cards accepted1
    • PayPal payment processing
    • Field available for VAT or Tax info
    • Pay by check, wire or money order2
    • Download your contracts, receipts & master files
  • New music added daily!

1 Offered by most publishers, standard settings.
2 Offered by certain publishers or per request.

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