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Global music search: functions and features update

This article gives an overview of the recently updated music search functions and filter options on our new LQ Global Music Search Store.  The primary global search engine functions and features are listed and discussed with advice and tips on how publishers (in particular) can leverage these tools to make it easier for buyers to quickly find their tracks based on their meta-data usage.

Search by Keywords…

The first and most powerful search option is the Keywords search field which lets people search for music, from among all active publisher members that have opted to have their catalog included in the LQ Global Search Store. All active subcription members (publishers), including LQ 15 FREE plan members, have this option enabled (by default) on the Advanced Settings page in their account.

When one, two or more keywords are entered into the Keywords search field (at top-right of the global search store interface), our database is searched from among all available songs/tracks as listed below. (Publishers please note: required meta-data fields on the Edit Track page are highlighted in red )

Brand name – the name of the artist, catalog, group or library, etc. that is used on the ‘Profile & Brands’ page in the publisher’s account.

Track name
– the title of the track which is entered on the song’s ‘Edit Track’ admin page.

Composer name
– the name of the composer(s) listed  on the Composer name field. This field is option and therefore not all publishers are using this field, depending on their type of catalog.

– the copyright field is also optional, but normally contains the writer(s) and/or publisher(s) names.

– this field normally contains a brief summary of the track’s main theme to show what’s different or unique about it. These texts also appear in the store’s track rows as well as in the Player when the song is previewed in the new store with the waveform image player. It’s one of the most powerful means for buyers to quickly find the kinds of music they’re searching for, assuming all tracks have thoughtful, well-written descriptions (highly recommend), and is also required before having the track appear in the publisher’s own local store and the Global search store.

– this field is optional but recommended for publishers to use. Up to 10 tags can be used, including short two and three word phrases, and each tag must be separated by comma. Tags further extends the keywords search effectiveness, as all the publisher’s tags are included in each search and also appears listed on the Properties tab page. (Click the ‘Properties’ tab in the music player to view this page for any track loaded into the player)

Genre – each publisher can define their own Genre and subgenre labels, (rock, classical, hip-hop, pop, smooth jazz, etc.) and apply them to each unique track in their catalog and for display in the Genre filter in their own store. However, in the Global search store, we don’t list Genres in a Filter, but they are fully searchable from our “google-like” Keywords search field. So regardless which Genre or subgenre you are looking for, just enter it and you should get the same results as with the previous Genre filter in the old store, except this now also searches for all variations of subgenres as well.

Custom fields
– Some publishers also add their own custom meta-data fields, which they use for filters in their own store, so when available, these are also searched by the keywords entry searches.

All Publishers filter

The All Publishers filter provides a list of all currently active publishers that have opted to have their catalog included in the LQ Global Search store. As mentioned above, this also includes new LQ 15 Plan members, which may have recently started setting up their catalog, and may only have 2 or 3 songs listed (as yet), but will eventually add more tracks as they grow their catalog. Currently there are about 280 total publishers that have opted to be included on this list.

When one of them is selected (from the pull-down combo box), the publisher’s catalog appears with all tracks that they’ve checked to make “Visible in Store”. This means that track should have a complete title (name), description, a master file and an MP3 preview file for play in the store. However, some pubishers are linking to their preview files on their own server or other third-party files hosting services which don’t fully support streaming of MP3 files. If this is the case, please test your URL links (to externally stored MP3 Preview files) to make sure they will stream in the new Store’s waveform player. If not, we recommend you use our intetraged files hosting, or use another storage service, for example, that lest you upload your audio files with FTP interface and supports MP3 files streaming.

If you are a buyer and you already know the name of the artist or publisher, you can narrow down your search by entering the Artist or Songwriter name in the keywords search or find the Publisher listed on the “All Publishers” filter.

Types filter

The Types filter lets you narrow down you search to more specific kinds of tracks, such as songs with vocals, instrumentals with melody and instrumental beds, etc. There are six more options including: Sound design, Bumper/Stinger, Loops, Beats, and Sound Effects. Tip: you can start your search with the Types filter and then use the keywords search entry, or start with the keywords search and then narrow your search down to one of the Types filter selections, so it doesn’t matter because it works both ways!

Sources filter

The Sources filter lets you narrow down your search within a certain status of the song’s origin, which includes: Original Composition, Cover and Public Domain. So depending on what you need or prefer, you can select (or not select) any of these options to help you further narrow down your search for the right track to fit your project.

Other search advice & tips

Please keep in mind that not all publishers have yet defined all their songs/tracks with specific filter Types and Sources, which therefore may still be marked as Unspecified (in their account) and will not appear from these search filters. However, we are constantly urging all publishers to check and update their meta-data settings to be sure they’ll include these additional (optional) filter settings and fields in their account for the benefit of licensing buyers coming to their store or using the Global Music Search store on the LQ site.

If you are a music supervisor or buyer, thank you for giving your favorite publishers any feedback which might encourage them to improve their song’s meta-data for improved search-ability in their store, and the Global Search Store if they’re opted in.

If you are an active music publisher, please take a momement to check that all track’s meta-data fields in your catalog are used (as needed), current and up to date. Of course if you don’t have song with vocals and lyrics, there’s nothing to add to the Lyrics data field, but you can still use a Description and Tags to help buyers find your instrumental music.

Please note that we are constantly working to improve the search experience in new Global Music Search Store which lets the public discover the kinds of publishers, songs, tracks and brands that are currently active on the LicenseQuote site.

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