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New site and licensing store with waveform player

Recently, on June 25, 2013, we released a new site and licensing store with waveform player and many new publisher and buyer-facing features and options. This article highlight some of the most important new features and updates.

Rolling out the new site design

Along with rolling out the new LicenseQuote site design, we also released the new store which provides our publishing clients with many exciting new features and functions. We did a “soft” launch to check and test everything and will soon send a formal announcement (by email) to all active publishing members. Meanwhile, this article gives everyone including the public a “heads up” on what the LicenseQuote team has been working on which has now come to fruition.

New site design and pages

The new site design includes improved and updated images, layout, streamlined navigation and integration between all public and publishing member pages. The new tagline is “Publish Your Music – Without The Middleman” to clearly reflect our commitment to serving our growing membership of active music composers, publishers and library owners.  Many of the page titles still say “Music Licensing Solutions” as part of the description because after all, we also invite music supervisors and licensing buyers to visit our site’s global music search to help them find music and license directly from our growing list of active publishers.

On the ‘Find Music To License page, there’s also a link (button at top right) which opens the Composer/Publisher Directory.  This part of the site has also been udpated with improved visual design, streamlined layout and SEO for all publisher’s business information, listed tracks and descriptions which they’ve opted to be included in this public search directory. It also contains ecommerce seo services.

New plans and pricing

On the Plans and Pricing page, you’ll see some new things as follows:

1. New LQ 15 FREE plan which has nearly all features of the paid subscription plans but with a few limitations that apply: MP3 only files hosting, excludes option to be included in the global store search listing, requires “powered by” line, restricts use of API integration links and is currently limited to the first 3 retail or license purchase sales. Please note that the management reserves the right to modify the limits of the Free plan, and that its usage is intended to help new publishing members become familar with the most vital licensing sales and store features, so they can embed their store on their site to promote more music licensing sales.

2. Standard LQ Store plans ranging from LQ 75 songs/tracks up to LQ 1000 songs/tracks. Some of the plan prices have been adjusted slightly, but all the plans with “files hosting included” are now more competitive,  to reflect our increased volume storage dyamics. When you click the “Starts at…” links, a complete pricing page pops up at center of the page, so you can see and compare all the plans and pricing.

3. In the last column we now offer the LQ Custom Catalog plans for catalogs with over 1,000 tracks. We now offer larger publishers and libraries some new “module” options so they get only the primary features and functions needed to manage their online catalog, and not pay for other features they don’t need or plan to use.

New store

The new store with inline waveform player is built on the HTML5 platform to make the new music player very mobile-devices friendly. Our GA stats show that these browsers are now the most used on our site, in this order: Safari, Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer and Android Browser.

The new store comes with a default green & blue color theme, which publishers can modify or completely change on the Licensing Store (admin page) console in their account. At top of the console, there’s an option for existing publishers to switch to the new plan, which we encourage them to do.

Please note, within the next week, we’ll send an announcement about the new store, and then the switch will be automated for all publisher accounts, but meanwhile, you can already “test drive” the new store and adjust your image accordingly to best fit the new store header layout.

In the store, the buyers now have a new “Projects” page (see tab at top of store) where they’ll find “favorite” songs/tracks that have been saved, and can set up a Projects folder to easily manage all license clearances, inquiries and purchases that belong with the same project. The project folders can be custom named or re-named and also deleted when not needed anymore.

Advanced settings page

In your publisher account, on the Advanced Settings page there are now some new options as follows:
1. Optional “Show lyrics tab in the store”. The default setting is “Show”, which lets buyers see the lyrics (in the player) for any songs/tracks that you’ve added lyrics for. If all your songs are instrumentals and you don’t have any songs with lyrics, you can select the “Hide” option to remove the Lyrics tab from your store.

2. For each kind of purchase or download you can now select what the buyers will have access to, including: Deliver the Preview files, Deliver the Master files, or Deliver both. This covers these types of transactions: License purchases, Retail sales, Blanket downloads (for blanket license sales) and Free download (for free demo/evaluation of your audio files).

3. Enable single sign-on system – is on by default and recommended to help boost buyer traffic coming to your store from our Global ‘Find Music’ Search page.

4. List tracks in LQ Global Search – Default is “On” and now also works for LQ 15 Free plan members. This feature gives music composers, publishers and libraries addtional exposure to potentially interested music supervisors and licensing buyers.

5. List your business profile on the Find Publishers page – this is also enabled by default, but if not or you previously switched it off, you can always check it to switch it back on. This gives you additional marketing exposure and SEO for all your track titles, descriptions and live links to your store.

6. There’s several other options, plus now the ability to easily delete all previous Brands, Genres or Tags, in case you want to restructure your catalog with new meta-data, and quickly clear out all the old data.

Thanks for your feedback

If you’re a music publisher already using LicenseQuote to manage, promote and sell your music licensing, we encourage you to give the new Store a test drive and let us know how you like it.

Thanks also for any of your input and feedback as we are constantly striving to improve things and resolve any issues or unexpected errors/bugs that may appear.

We hope you enjoy using the new site, plans and store! To contact us with your thoughts or feedback, please select one of the forms on our Contact page.

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