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Customer service for music licensing buyers

This article discusses what happens when music licensing buyers have questions or need support about their license inquiries and purchases made from publishers using the LicenseQuote service. Below we’ll review some of the most common issues along with our best suggested solutions.

Login issues

Wrong login place – Sometimes buyers try to login on the main LicenseQuote  site,  where only the music publishers login, so publishers may need to remind them to navigate to their store or licensing page (on their website) where their store is embedded. At the top-right of the store, it will say “Buyers” in bold letters, which is the right place for buyers to login.

Wrong username or password – Sometimes buyers may forget their Username, in which case they can usually find it in the “Saved Passwords” section of their browser. For example in FireFox, they would go to Tools > Options > Security> Saved Passwords. Then explore the page find the list of saved websites along the Usernames and Passwords. This is usually the quickest way to recover a “forgotten” Username and/or Password. However, if the password is completely lost, the Login dialog offers a “Lost Password” option which lets buyers enter their email address and then will auto-send a new password. The new password can then be used to login, and can then be easily changed on the Profile page within the store.

Each publisher sets their own licensing options

Depending on the publisher’s Licensing Profile settings and options, buyers may be able to download a free MP3 Preview file (for evaluation purposes), get instant quotes (based on pre-set usage scenarios) to make instant purchases, negotiate a custom license and price or get permission to download tracks based on a pre-arranged blanket license agreement.

When a purchase is made, in most cases the buyers will use their credit card or PayPal account funding, though sometimes the publishers may accept payments sent via checks by mail. In any case, after the license purchase money is transferred and cleared, the buyers should have instant access to view and download a copy of their license purchase contract, receipt and the master audio file(s) of the song(s) they licensed.

When buyers should contact the publisher

If for any reason the purchased licenses are not available on the Licenses page (when logged in to the publisher’s store), the buyer should contact the publisher about their inquiry, purchase attempt and/or completed license payment. The publisher can be contacted by email form from the store and typically the phone number is also listed in the publisher’s profile or on their website.

In nearly all cases the publishers can resolve any license purchase issues, especially those that have already been sold and collected via one of the billing options they’ve made available to their licensing clients.

If the publisher has collected the license sale and the buyer still has problems finding (or getting) access to the licensed song(s), the publisher should contact LicenseQuote support to further investigate the issue. In most cases we can quickly find the problem, and (occasionally) spot a bug or glitch which may have caused the problem.

Most frequently, the buyers are asked to use a different browser or simply clear their cache files and reload the store. This updates the most recent data on the Licenses page and provides access to the newest purchased music licenses.

Summary of licensing buyers customer service

If you are a music supervisor or licensing buyer, please always contact the publisher that you are inquiring with or have purchased a license from in the event you have any questions or problems. They will be in the best position to provide you with prompt, knowledgeable customer service and support based on the information they’ve already collected in their account.

If the publisher can’t resolve a buyer’s purchase issue, we urge them to contact LicenseQuote support (from their account Home page) and tell us how we can help them investigate any license purchase issue with one their specific transactions or clients. With this approach we’ve always been able to quickly resolve any questions or issues in the best and most streamlined way without compromising the privacy of their clients.

Customer service is all about resolving client’s issue and leaving client fully satisfied. If you’ve ever heard about Professional Communications Network, you know that customer service is their every-day job. It’s good to know that there are still companies like this whose aim is to provide the best possible service to client.

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