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Custom Catalog plans

LicenseQuote now offers a new line of Custom Catalog plans with monthly and yearly pricing options. This provides a new range of options for publishers and libaries that need an economical solution for their online music business repertoire organizing, cataloging and management needs.

As with all standard and custom LQ Store plans, once a Custom Catalog plan is activated, it’s no problem to switch plans or upgrade anytime as needed.

Custom Catalog plans & applications

Catalog plan 1 – Catalog management + audio files playback
Note: Licensing Profiles and calculations available only for internal, office/staff use. No licensing sales buttons in store.
Applications: Compare with SoundMiner ™ with many similar features and uses but with an attractively competitive price tag.

Catalog plan 2
– Catalog management + licensing sales management
Note: Use catalog and license buttons. No Upload/Files or Link To Files (LTF)  support. No audio files playback in store.
Applications: Works well for publishers and libraries that already have a service or in-house solution to manage their audio files storage, searching and delivery. Can also be used by music publishers that don’t have or own their own masters (audio files which the record labels have), but still wish to offer a store with songs search and complete licensing buttons and sales support to their clients.

Catalog plan 3
– Catalog management
Note: Use only Catalog and Store search features. Use Licensing Profiles pricing calculations for internal use. No Upload/Files or Link To Files support.  A powerful online tracks/songs meta-data management solution.
For publishers/libraries which don’t have or own the masters (which the record labels have), but wish to offer an online store with searchable catalog. In this case they would be using off-line or other custom rate cards. Can also be used to prepare data to be merged with other catalogs, for a future LQ Store plan upgrade, or to manage royalty administration which doesn’t require listening to audio files, etc.

Comparative pricing overview

Pricing will vary based on catalog size (starting with a min. of 1,000 songs/tracks), whether audio files hosting is to be included or not, and monthly vs. yearly plan pricing.

In general, Catalog Plan 3 is the most economical because there is no licensing sales features and no audio files hosting or linking to audio files (LTF) included. Pricing is up to 30% below equivalent LQ Store pricing with the “Use Your Storage” as a reference guideline.

Catalog plan 1 and 2 are priced about 10% and 20% (respectively) of equivalent LQ Store pricing because certain features (modules) are turned off and not made available until such time as a plan change or upgrade is made.

Get a Custom Catalog plan quote

If you are interested in a Custom Catalog plan, please use this inquiry form to get a custom plan quote. Please complete all options and enter any important details (in text entry field) which best describes your intended catalog usage.

Thanks and we look forward to sending your custom plan quote to help you get started at your earliest convenience.

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