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Replace files with identical names

Recently we added a new feature which lets publishers replace their audio recording (MP3, AIF or WAV) files which have identical names.

In your LicenseQuote publisher account, you will find this option in the Catalog section on the Upload/Files admin page. When you click the Upload Files button, the File Upload dialog will appear.  Towards bottom, you’ll see a check box which is checked (enabled by default) which says:

When this option is enabled, you can upload new recording versions of the same track/song files you have previously uploaded. This makes it convenient to easily overwrite an existing (older) file, for example after updating it with a new Preview or Master file. This might come handy, for example, if you’ve added a watermark to your file, or you’ve improved something with the Master and/or Preview recording file.

Turning ‘Replace files’ option off

If you want to upload new files with the same (or similar) names with the intention to add them as as new Tracks/Songs in your catalog, then uncheck the “Replace files with identical names” option for that upload session. Later you can switch it back as needed for another files upload session. But in most cases you’ll probably leave the default option for most (typical) files upload sessions.

Please note, this feature works regardless if you are uploading only one new audio file, or dozens or hundreds master, preview or both master and preview files.


1. When finished uploading, be sure to visit your Store where you can play the new files to test that they are correct and no mistakes where made.

2. Before uploading more files, check that your plan has enough space. If you’ve already uploaded up to the max. number of master and preview files, please first delete those you won’t need to make space of additional (new) files if you intend to add new files, and not just replace existing ones.

3. If you’ve accidently deleted any files or replaced them with incorrect files, simply try again by uploading the correct (new) files and everything should be Ok.

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