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Promotion referral codes

We normally get some questions from newer publishers during their FREE trial period about the use of their account, setup and LicenseQuote powered store. Below is a question about applying a promotion code for licensing buyers to get discounts in your store, in case you wish to offer such option.

Our answer provides a brief tutorial for our newer publishing clients to learn how to use this feature which they can manage on the Buyers admin page in their account.

Q. Is it possible to apply a coupon code so that customers can get discounts ?

A. Yes, when Buyers first register their Store user account, they can enter an optional Promotion/Referral code.

This can be any code (text) you’ve assigned them in advance, for example by email, on your website, an ad, a referral plan or other incentive you may wish to offer. The data is captured on a per registered Store user (buyer) basis which then appears on the Buyers admin page (in your account).

Click the Manage link (for any buyer) to open the Store User Details Dialog where you’ll see the code entered (if any) at the bottom of the dialog. You can also Export the buyers information to see this field for all clients, for example on a spreadsheet which can open your downloaded CSV (comma separated value) document.

After the buyer makes their first purchase you can apply a discount (for example) to the next purchase or offer a discount refund, as the case may be. So it’s not an automated discount, but a feature that helps you manage discounts on an optional per-user basis.

Thank you for your questions which we’ll try to answer here in our blog and upcoming articles. If you have other questions about your LicenseQuote account usage, tips or tutorials, please use the search box (at top right) to find other helpful articles.

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