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Backing up your catalog data files

Though all your files are safe in your LicenseQuote publisher account and backed up automatically on our dedicated server, it’s best for each publisher to occasionally backup their catalog (and related data) to quickly recover from any unexpected disaster which may occur, the most common being human error or expired accounts which may eventually (after 60 days) have some of their data lost or removed.

There are several ways to ensure that your audio, tracks meta-data, licensing profiles, sales and other files are backed up. Besides overcoming human errors, this may come handy when migrating  to a new LicenseQuote account, doing routine backups or when wanting to share specific files or documents with a partner, staff  or other members on your team, etc.

Backing up specific file types

Audio files – If you select a Files Hosting included plan, the MP3 and WAV or AIF files you uploaded will reside in our Amazon S3 cloud storage service which are redundantly backed up there. And of course your source files should also be backed up on your local computer or external hard drive, so your audio files will be very safe.

Tracks meta data – On the Tracks/Songs admin page you can Export your songs meta data file and download them to your local computer. Regardless of the number of tracks in your catalog, it’s wise to occasionally  export & download your catalog as an additional backup.

Contracts and Receipts – On the Sold Licenses page you can download the Contracts and Receipts (if needed) for any previously sold licenses. For each license, click the “View” link which opens the Licensed Track page, then click the “Save” links (at bottom of page) under Licensing Contract and Receipt. This will open the download dialog.

Licensing Profiles – On the Pricing Matrix Edit page, for each of your Licensing Profiles, you can also Export the licensing profile pricing matrix. This way if you ever delete anything or something gets lost or corrupted, for any reason, you can easily Import your licensing pricing settings again.

Sales Reports – On the Sales Report admin page you can generate and download your sales report data. This a convenient way to get a summary of any of your previous sales reports. Filters include: brand, price, date, retail and license sales.

Buyer contact data – On the Buyers admin page you can export your list of registered store users. This includes all data the buyers used to register to your store including their name, title, address, phone, email address, website address, registration date, and Promotion/Referral code, if entered by the buyer.

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