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Most common kinds of music licensing buyers

After doing some research, asking publishers and checking some stats, I was able to compile a list of the most common kinds of music licensing buyers. Many are actual (specific) titles, while the rest are more general descriptions representing broader categories.

Identifying the most commons kinds of music licensing buyers

In answering the question: “Who are the music licensing buyers?”, we have to think in both specific as well as broader terms. Specific would include the most common known professions which involves mostly music supervision and film or other media production direction and editing. Though relatively fewer in number (especially full time workers), they get involved with the buying process most frequently on a regular basis, and probably account for the highest percentage of repeat licensing sales business.

In broader terms this can include a large, ever-growing number of other music licensing end-users which will be evident from the list below. For example, many business owners and creative people won’t license on a daily (full-time) basis, though they will certainly license music to build their career, business or other marketing objectives. Such commercial licensing from the end users is certainly viable and here to stay, though publishers can’t expect them to always have super-size budgets or a high volume of new monthly repeat orders.

For example, a business owner or product specialist may need to license music for a project only once or twice in a whole year, but this doesn’t mean their purchase is any less “professional” than that of higher volume buyers such as music supervisors or those they represent in a large ad agency or broadcast media enterprise.

Anyone could be a music licensing buyer!

Of course there’s a first time for all music licensing buyers and beyond the initial “learning curve” of buyer experience, it gets easier for them to understand and prepare for the next license purchase. Luckily it’s easy to learn, so anyone could be a music licensing buyer at some point in their personal (creative) life, business or career persuits.

Though not comprehensive (because it could include nearly anyone!), this list gives a realistic overview of the most common kinds of music licensing buyers which many of our LicenseQuote publishing clients are connecting with. So here they are!

Most common kinds of music licensing buyers:

3d artists
Acting Directors
Advertising Agencies (see also Creative Directors)
Art Directors
Assistant Professors
Associate Directors
Audiovisual Technicians
AV Coordinators (audio visual media)
Brand Architects (brand marketing specialits)
Broadcast Managers (see also Radio and Television managers)
Brokers (various industries)
CEO (Chief Executive Officers for various businesses)
Communications Directors
Communications Officers
Creative Directors (advertising, promotion, media specialities, etc.)
Designers (games, learning solutions, websites, etc.)
Digital Artists
Directors (film, theatrical, dance, publishing, etc.)
Docents (galleries, museums, etc.)
Editors (film, video, studio work, etc.)
Education Directors
Executive Producers
Film Editors (see also Editors)
Founders (new companies, organizations, services, etc.)
Graphic designers
Managing Directors (for various productions)
Marketing Assistants
Marketing Directors
Media Directors (education, churches, non-profits, etc.)
Marketing & Communications Coordinators
Moderators (events, groups, presentations, etc.)
Music Editors
Music Supervisors (usually work for or with the buyers)
Owners (business, enterprises, restaurants, retails shops, etc.)
Presidents (business, universities, non-profits, etc.)
Producer/Actors (see also Producers)
Producers (film, video, games, multi-media, music, etc.)
Production Assistants (see Producers)
Product Specialists
Project Managers (see also Music Supervisors and Media Directors)
Program Managers (tv, radio, cable, news, etc.)
Radio Managers (see also Program Managers)
Restaurants (local or national, see also Owners)
Senior Partners (business, consulting, investments services, etc.)
Sound Editors
Students (need clearance and usually a student discount rate)
Studio Managers
Technology Teachers
Television Managers (station managers, see also Program Managers)
Theatrical Directors (see also Directors and Production Assistants)
Vice Presidents
Wedding Specialists (directors, coordinators, etc.)

As we discover more types and categories, we’ll consider adding them to this list. If you have suggestions or feedback, please use this Contact form, thanks!

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