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CalcMatrix rate card modules

Recently we’ve created a series of standard and custom CalcMatrix rate card modules. As a registered publisher, you can download these to import, review, customize and test for your own LicenseQuote powered licensing management and sales usage.

Download and usage

The CalcMatrix files (in JSON text format) are zipped together for convenient downloading, so you’ll need to unzip them to open them (in any text editor) and Import to your Pricing Matrix Edit page for any Licensing Profile you have.

It’s best to create a new Licensing Profile you can use as a “sand box” to import, test and explore how it works.  When finished adjusting the pricing, values and/or descriptions, you can Export and save to your hard drive, and then Import to a live Licensing Profile where you want to add your new custom rate card modules or use to replace other ones.

36 CalcMatrix modules

22 Standard License Type Modules – this one includes all 22 standard license types including the Custom License type along base pricing, properties, values and usage descriptions.

13 Custom Rate Card Modules – this module includes 13 alternate license types which can be customized. You can any one or more as needed to compliment any set of standard license types or use any combination of these create your own customized set of licensing rate cards.

Included license types: Advertising and Promotion, Commercials – needle drops and unlimited tag packages, Corporate Production (Non Broadcast) , Home Entertainment, In Store Advertising, Live Events, Productions For Sale, Programming, Promos – Network & Station, Theatrical, Tradeshow and Trailer.

Notice: Be sure to review and edit the License Type Descriptions, which is best done on your Licensing Profile (admin page) after importing the modules.

1 Custom Music Production Quote –  Use this CalcMatrix as a template to set up and customize your own custom music production rate card to provide instant quotes based on various custom music scoring and productions. This module only has one license type, but can be expanded by adding more properties (instruments, vocals, etc.) and related pricing scenarios. Or you can simplify it as much as you want, or not show a calculated price by using “-1” for the multipliers or base price.

Import and usage tips

When you Import any of these CalcMatrix license type modules, they will appear in their own “Category” which you can then sort by using the up/down arrow keys for each listing on your Pricing Matrix Edit page. Simply click the title which makes the up/down arrow keys appear. To move down the page, click the down arrow, and up arrow to move up the page.

We hope you’ll enjoy this expanded power and flexibility to easily import, edit, customize and export any Licensing Profile you already have or plan to add in the future! If you have any feedback, please use this contact form.

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