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Adding different track versions

This tutorial provides some examples and tips how to add different track versions of the same basic song to your catalog and store. This is a common way for production music libraries to offer various track mix versions for their clients to preview, select and license for their project needs.

Currently the best way we support adding different track versions is for you (as publisher) to create new, but similar track names which you’ll add to your catalog (on the Tracks/Songs admin page or CSV import file) and can then be found when searching for the same set of keywords, tags and titles, etc.

Below we’ll show an example of the same basic song with different production versions (mixes) in which the titles are the same except for some brief descriptive differences. Be sure to substitute “Track Name” (in the examples below) for any song/track title in your catalog.


Track Name
Track Name – 30 sec.
Track Name – 60 sec.
Track Name – Guitar lead
Track Name – No vocals

The first track: “Track Name”, is the original song file, while the other 4 are the different mix versions. The general track descriptions and tags can be the same, though in the description you can mention that this is the 60 sec. version, or whatever is different from the original such as “30 sec.” or “no vocals”, etc.

In the above example we assume that the original full-length version is longer than 60 seconds, such as 2 or 3 minutes, so the “60 sec.” version will be one of the shorter edited versions. If the length is the same, but only the mix is different, there’s no need to mention the exact original track length again, which also appears in the music player at time of preview.

This version titling approach makes it possible for all tracks to appear with the same original title search or any other variation, and makes them appear together in alphabetical order in your store.

Keep in mind that even if you use the same tags and track descriptions for all versions, all mix versions should appear when searching by the same root song title, tags and/or description keywords. Such searching will work in your own store and in the global search (if you’re opted in) on the Find Music page.

We believe this is a very easy and intuitive to set up, import and manage new track title versions, while also making it easy for buyers to find the different track version search results. Give it a try and let us know how it’s working for you and your licensing store clients.

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