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Getting started with music licensing

If you are interested in publishing and licensing your music, follow the basic steps in this guide to start setting up and promoting your own music licensing store and keep 100% of all your licensing sales!

1. Register your songs

First you should register your songs with your country’s copyright office (most now offer online service) and with a Performance Rights Society in your local country. Use google to find a list of Performance Rights Organizations (PROs) from around the world.

2. Set up music licensing store

Set up your own music licensing store. Read this article for important details.

3. Decide which brand names to use & promote

Decide on the brand name(s) you want to promote. Read this article for helpful suggestions.

4. Define genres

Define the genres for your music. This article will get you up to speed.

Keep learning and growing your music business

In addition, searching our various blog articles will give a great introduction to the most common aspects of the music industry. Use these pages and resources as an orientation to the basic “nuts & bolts” of today’s music publishing and licensing business.

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