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Type and Source filters on Find Music page

Two new filters, Type and Source, have recently been added to the “Find Music” page for music supervisors, buyers and the public to use.  These new filters have now replaced the Catalogs/Brands filter for the following reasons:

1.  Many catalog and brand names sounded more like genres instead of strictly artist, composer, catalog, collection or other brand names. This was unavoidable, so better not to confuse brands names with real genres.

2. Catalogs and brands can still be searched with the “Search keywords” filter.

3. The Publishers filter is still available, along with the Publisher Profiles pages which lists the top three (most active) brands.

The previous Type and Source metadata article provides a list of the Type (song/vocal, instrumental melody, instrumental bed, etc.) and Source (original composition, cover, public domain) of the tracks listed in the publisher’s catalogs.

Adding the search filters to the global search (Find Music) page will help music supervisors and various project editors narrow down their searches by specificed types and/or source of music, and  can then be further drilled-down by genre or keyword searches.

If you are a publisher and have selected the option to list your tracks in the LQ Global Search (on the ‘Advanced Settings’ page), please check that all your tracks are assigned to the correct Type and Source so they’ll be included in the Global Search filters, otherwise they won’t appear when buyers use these filters to search for music.

You can edit these filters on the Edit Track page for each of your songs/tracks, or on your metadata CSV file, and then Import to your catalog. If you have never done this, we recommend you first Export your existing list, make the changes in the Type and Source columns, and save again as CSV file (in case you edited it in another spreadsheet format), before Importing to your catalog.

To date (March 25, 2012), about 60% of track Types and Sources are still listed (by default) as Unspecified. This means that only 40% of all tracks will be found when searched with the Type or Source filter to narrow down certain song/track searches.  Therefore we urge you to update these soon, and we’ll also remind you again in our next (upcoming) newsletter.

Thanks and please feel free to send us your comments or feedback when you get the chance!

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