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LicenseQuote activity report

This report is of interest to our publishing clients and any interested music supervisors and licensing buyers. We’ll provide an overview of the current LicenseQuote site activity, trends and provide some related commentary.

Primary content providers

Number of active publishers – 97 (includes library owners)
Accounts with storage plans – 57% (LQ integrated storage)
Accounts using own storage – 43%


Total Number of brands – 646 (artists, composers, catalogs, etc.)
Average number of brands per store – 6.65

Tracks and genres

Total Number of tracks – 10,450 (November 1, 2011)
Average number of songs/tracks per store – 107
Total number of primary genres – 357

Registered buyers

Total number of buyers – 794
Number of pre-registered SSO buyers – 486 (Single Sign-On)
Number of non-SSO buyers – 308
Average number of buyers per store – 8

Licensing inquiries

Total number of inquiries – 2,192
Average number of inquiries per store – 23.7

Licensing sales

Total number of sold licenses – 1,096
Total number of the licenses sold with PayPal – 657
Total number of the licenses sold with off-line methods – 439
Average number of sold licenses per store – 11.3
Price of Sold Licenses – $78,541 (USD cumulative, estimated)

Analysis and comments

The stats from this report are cumulative over this past year since we developed the global stats report to monitor the LicenseQuote site activity and related trends. The report lets us check updates as needed, but we run run occasional monthly report after the last day of each month to follow the trends. Note, may be updated from time to time to reflect new stats and insights.

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