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New plans, pricing and updates

Last week LicenseQuote released several new and updates which effects (mostly) our LicenseQuote publishing and library clients. Please review the items below for an overview plus an important reminder about completing the song/tracks Descriptions field.

New plans and pricing

There are several new standard plans starting with LQ 75 and ranging from LQ 2000 up the LQ 10000. Custom plans quotes are still available for libraries with more than 10,000 tracks.  If you have more than 10,000 songs/tracks, please contact us (click here) and we’ll provide you with a custom quote and plan.

New LQ 75 plan

By popular demand we’ve upgraded the original LQ 50 to a new LQ 75 plan which now supports up to 75 master and preview files. The price per track has been lowered to offer a greater value which reflects approx. 11% savings. This is a great way for independent artists, songwriters and composers to get started with more space for their catalog and store. It also makes it easier to upgrade to the next (LQ 200) plan level when ready to grow their library and store.

Navigation updates

We are streamlining the navigation menu so related items are grouped closer together and more intuitively. The API admin page is now listed below Advanced Settings in the Account section. In the Catalog section, the Profiles & Brands now comes first, followed by the Genres, Upload/Files and Tracks/Songs admin pages. We’ll also move the Licensing Store in this section just below Tracks/Songs. In the Sales section, the Store Users admin page will now come after the Sales Report.

Next time you log in to your account you’ll see these changes along with other updates on the Advanced Settings page as follows:

Advanced Settings updates

Some “advanced settings” items have been moved out of the Advanced Settings directly to the most relevant admin pages. For example, the “Linking To Files” settings can now be configured directly at the top of the Tracks/Songs page.

On the Profiles & Brands page you can now hide your street and/or telephone number from your publisher’s profile page. And on the Store Users admin page, you can control (turn On or Off) the setting for the store users to require registration before entering your licensing store.

Track descriptions… reminder!

Please check that all your tracks are complete with at least some description text. We’ve noticed on the Find Music page that on each page there’s usually one, or sometimes two, tracks that still have an empty description field. This makes it harder for buyers to search and find your tracks, or worse, may leave the impression that you are not applying professional “diligence” to properly describe your tracks.

Since about 90% of all tracks do have descriptions, it’s easy to find many good ones (as examples) to get some ideas about best phrasing and keywords usage which would match with your own song’s unique properties.

For additional insights, see this article about search features and tips, particulary the section (at bottom) about the Keywords vs Tags search summary and chart. Though this article is geared to help buyers use the store search tool features, it will put you in their “shoes” to appreciate how most will be searching for your songs and tracks. By adding meaningful track descriptions it ensures they won’t completely miss finding a great track you have for one of their upcoming projects.

Got feedback?

If you’d like to share your feedback with us, please use this contact form.  Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you.

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