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Find Publishers feature

The new Find Publishers search page makes it easy for music supervisors and licensing buyers coming to LicenseQuote to find your publisher listing to learn more about your music publishing and licensing business. The new features and updates described below will help you get familiar with these powerful new search engine tools that help promote your music brands and licensing store.

Find publishers – new feature!

This feature is “On” by default, but you can turn this option On or Off on the Advanced Settings admin page in your account. By leaving it checked On, your Publisher Profile listing and page will be automatically included in the LicenseQuote directory of active music publishers and libraries. On this page you can also enable a link from your Store to open directly to your Publisher Profile page. To enable, click the checkbox for this option: Link to your Publishers Catalog Profile from your Licensing Store

Editing your Publisher Profile page

On the Profile/Brands admin page, you will be able to add a vertical banner image, a portrait image or both. Editable text entry fields include: Licensing Types & Pricing and Business Summary. The texts you enter, along with the rest of the page, will be indexed and searchable by Google and other major search engines. Therefore these pages, including your listing of tracks, titles and descriptions, are highly Search Engine Optimized so you can expect an increase in hits and traffic driven from your Publisher Profile page to your music licensing store.

Publisher profile page example

Please see this page of the DirectComposer Publisher Profile page:
You’ll notice there’s lots of SEO text information along with the following page headings: Publisher Title, Contact, Publisher Profile, License Types & Pricing (optional), Business Summary and Tracks/Songs List.

These features have been suggested and discussed over the last year, so thanks for your input and patience while we planned to develop this in the best and most effective way to help you promote YOUR music publishing and licensing business. If you have further feedback or suggestions about this, please follow the contact form below (at bottom of this newsletter), thanks!

Find Music – updates!

Another feature which helps music licensing buyers coming to LicenseQuote is a new message we added at the top-right of the Find Music page. The message addresses buyers and says:

Find quality music for your advertising, film, tv shows, audio production, media or any multimedia projects. Get instant quotes, place bids or negotiate custom deals. Save by licensing directly from hundreds of music publishers, artists and catalogs. More…

Promotion to find music on LicenseQuote

We also published a Press Release to the music and media industry announcing our global stores “Find Music” feature as a service making it easy for the music and media industry to find music by publishers, brands, catalogs, genres, titles, track description keywords and related tags.

In the neare future we also plan to run additional publicity promotions including a release with the Billboard Publicity Wire service.

Thanks for your feedback

If you’d like to share your feedback with us, please use this contact form.  Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you.

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