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Welcome music licensing buyers!

Thank you for visiting LicenseQuote! Recently we launched our global stores search feature so you can easily find music for your advertising, audio production and any other media projects. Get instant quotes, request pricing, make offers, negotiate custom deals and license directly from a growing network of hundreds of music publishers, brands and catalogs.

LicenseQuote music licensing solutions

Our music licensing service is Free to all advertising agencies, music supervisors, production companies and music licensing buyers. We serve a large variety of music publishers who are ready to supply you with the kind of music you’ll need for any of your upcoming projects.

We believe you’ll like how LicenseQuote can help you save time, money and increase your licensing management productivity while finding great new sources of music that are prepared to meet your most challenging project requirements.

Use the new LQ global store

On the Find Music Global Store page, you can quickly search for music by publishers, genres, track titles, descriptions and related tags by entering any combination of these words in the “Keywords search…” box. For a complete orientation and search tips, please see the Find Music – Search Features and Tips article.

Benefits of global store registration

Registration is not required to find music, preview it and get automated quotes, but you’ll need to register once to negotiate and purchase licenses. At the top-right of the Find Music page, you can register and login. Registration is FREE, there’s no obligation to buy, and you won’t get “spammed” by the publishers.

Once registered, you can use the same login credentials (username and password) to access any of the publisher’s licensing stores on the LicenseQuote powered stores network. This means you only need to register once to easily access all publisher’s stores to start and save your licensing projects. Then you can get more quotes, make offers, request pricing, send custom music requests or negotiate any other licensing terms directly with the publishers and library owners of your choice.

Have questions or need help?

If you have questions or need assistance, please use any of these options:
1. Contact the publisher directly from their Store contact form.
2. When placing a licensing inquiry, you can enter a description along with any questions you have. The publisher will be instantly notified and respond as quickly as possible.
3. If you still need help or assistance, please contact LicenseQuote support. We’ll be happy to assist and answer any questions or inquires you may have.

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