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Sound effects can promote your production music library

LicenseQuote has found that publishers offering free sound effects could effectively increase both their website traffic and music licensing sales. For music licensing clients that will need a variety of production music tracks, it can increase SEO value as well as customer relations and service value.

By using popular music industry keywords on your website, search engines will help buyers find your products and services they’re looking for. Specifically, free sound effects rates very highly with most search engines on sales pages and social sites. This doesn’t mean you have to specialize in free sound effects, but you can certainly offer a few of the most commonly searched sound effects in exchange for store registration or “bundled” with other sound files and background music licensing sales.

Among others, some of the most useful and sought out sounds effects includes: notification sounds, ringtone sounds, sports sounds, video game effects, nature sound effects, cartoon, folio, home and office sound effects. For a quick overview, here’s a list of some other popular sound effects:

You can also use google to find some of the most popular sound effects titles that buyers are constantly searching for. Then record some of your own sound effects (sound files) which you can bundle with special pricing and offer (select) free sound effects to qualified store visitors, buyer registrations or to reward clients who will license your background music and other library tracks.

The advantage is that now you can use free sound effects keywords on your site and licensing store page like: free sounds effects, sound files, background music, sound effects, license quality music, royalty free or stock music (for select tracks), and production music libary. All these keywords, plus your most important genres, will attract attention from potential buyers who may be searching for the kind of music you already have in your store.

Currently our global search only has some remotely similar genres like: sound design, soundscape, soundtracks, but still no genre for sound effects or free sound effects, which would certainly get more attention.

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