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When music buyers come to LicenseQuote

We aren’t a bit surprised why music supervisors, ad agencies and various licensing buyers come to LicenseQuote to check out our site and publishers. Besides our name – designed to prompt potential licensing buyers to inquire with our publishers about pricing for their projects, it’s also the service element that most of our members (i.e. publishers, composers and libraries) can offer such as: custom editing and mixing of their tracks, contstruction packs (as explained in a previous article), making stock music recommendations, custom scoring & arrangements, recordings, royalty-free licensing, buyouts and other kinds of typical or custom music licensing deals.

LicenseQuote provides music buyers with a number of tools

When music buyers come to LicenseQuote, we provide them with a number of tools to learn about the most common license types and standard pricing, though we have no direct control over each publisher’s decision about their customized licensing profiles and pricing. We also provide licensing buyers with a Gallery which showcases select composers, libraries and publishers on a random, rotating basis. Periodically we select some new or different publishers for a high-quality sampling of all our client members, so our buying contacts, visitors and industry friends can discover them and learn more by clicking the live links to their official websites.

Live Demo store gives buyers interactive orientation

We also provide a Live Demo store which buyers can use to quickly get familiar with the most common LicenseQuote powered Store features such as the Search Keywords, Brands, Genres, Subgenres and Tags search filters. Also the Preview player button (at top-left) on each track listing and the License, Buy and Download buttons when enabled on certain tracks. Since all stores are organized with the same basic features, it’s easy for buyers to become familiar with the Store search, player and licensing interface for all stores on the LicenseQuote platform.

Buyers use Contact form to send us special inquiries

Another opportunity we offer interested buyers is to contact us with their general or specific inquiries. We are always happy to discuss your needs and make referrals based on our knowledge and experience of our client’s various catalogs, services, backgrounds and specialities.

Moviebeam says: I want music!

For example, in February we were contacted by a music licensing coordinator at moviebeam on behalf of their hospitality entertainment packages service.  The size and scope of their project request helped us quickly narrow down the most suitable referrals. Several publishers including one of our affiliates were contacted. After several weeks we discovered which one they selected to work with, and amazingly, the deal was concluded perfectly within their project’s scope and budget.

Moviebeam makes deal with Moodmixes

In this case it was our referral to which closed the deal in the buyer’s best interest. We even recieved a forwarded thank you note which confirmed that a playlist of about 300 tracks would used for a hotel room TV streaming music channel in up to 100 locations. The note concluded by saying: The referral from LicenseQuote is very nice and this kind of deal worked well through MoodMixes. Needless to say, we love hearing about these kinds of music buyer success stories.

Introducing the Single Sign-On feature

As LicenseQuote continues growing with positive feedback and support from both our publishing clients and their end-user licensing clients, we are excited to plan ahead with new features to enable music supervisors and licensing licensing buyers to connect even more easily. For example, we recently launched a Single Sign-On feature which, when enabled by our publishers on their Advanced Settings, enables buyers to register only once to have instant (pre-registered) access to all other Stores on the LicenseQuote powered network.

Global search… coming up next

Furthermore, we are also planning a global music and publishers search feature which includes searching for songs and music tracks by keywords, keyword phrases, brands, genres and tags associated with the tracks from our publisher’s licensing stores. This enables buyers to easily preview the tracks, get quotes or  place bids (when option enabled) and request quotes for various custom usage inquiries.

Finding top-quality publishers, composers and libraries

So when music buyers come to LicenseQuote, they can be assured of finding top-quality publishers, composers, catalogs and libraries to connect and shop with. From our experience, it’s also a great opportunity for publishers and composers to connect with other artists and performers to negotiate deals to build their performance and recording repertoires.

Connecting on the Music PAL industry group

We’ve already seen calls for these opportunities on our Music Publishing And Licensing (aka Music PAL) industry group on LinkedIN. It’s cool when people can network and discuss their needs and upcoming projects in a secure private, moderated b2b environment of professionals.

This resource is not only for artist’s repertoire projects, but also for any existing or new kinds of music media-related project needs including tv, film, wireless, satellite, radio, cable, internet and traditional advertising formats. Regardless of the medium used, our focus is to see the publisher’s music used across any retail and/or commercial licensed usage venues.

Got feedback?

Thank you (everyone!) for your continued stream of suggestions and feedback. We look forward to growing with our publishing clients while helping them make the most of every opportunity to connect with and serve their ultimate end-user music buyers and clients.

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