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What people are saying about LicenseQuote

Here is a sampling of the feedback we’ve been getting from our LicenseQuote publishing clients and some of their music industry friends. These quotes and reviews are unsolicited and are sent to us by email or from our online testimonial form.

Our composers can submit their tracks directly

We were looking for an online store that included a great UI for our clients and LicenseQuote has certainly delivered. The store allows our clients to select music by tag, genre, alphabetical order, featured and many more, including searching by keywords. It was easy to embed in our website and allowed for reasonable customization. Our composers can submit tracks effortlessly and we simply approve or decline submissions which saves us hours of admin work! There is an extensive selection of set licenses which you can customise as you wish, as well as adding completely new licenses. Finally, the customer service is excellent and the subscription price is more than fair. Thank you LQ.
Ricci Coughlin – CEO, TrailerTrax.

LicenseQuote is a great investment

Since starting with LicenseQuote in 2011, I have seen positive results. First signed an exclusive licensing deal in Russia, an exclusive sub-publishing deal with 11 territories in Asia, a non-exclusive licensing deal world wide from Australia, and last but not least, an exclusive Administrative Publishing deal worldwide from the UK. It’s been my best investment so far. Thanks again!  Paul Bailey, Founder/Manager, PCB Publishing

LicenseQuote is meeting our needs

We are a new production library and the API allowed us the necessary flexibility to design a user-friendly site with integrated navigation, payment processing, and batch processing… all at a fair price. Plus, LicenseQuote provided excellent customer service to help us through the development process.  Joe Miller, Owner/Publisher, Tune Dogs LLC

Best option for maintaining control of your copyrights

Not only is LicenseQuote legit, it is definitively one of the best alternatives for music providers, composers and publishers, etc. Michael and company are straight shooters. There are no hidden surprises and the service is reasonably priced. The site is professionally maintained, and is the best option for those truly interested in attracting their own clients in addition to maintaining control of their copyrights. – Paul Gelsomine, Owner/Publisher, Essential Sounds Music

I’ve been blown away by LicenseQuote

LicenseQuote has been excellent and your site fantastic so far! Our company has not started actively promoting yet, but we were apparently found through your Global Store search engine and have already sold a few licenses. I turned back flips! There are a few things I’d liked added to the API, but your developer has been kind enough to correspond about them. – Scott Collins, Director/Publisher, Austin Music House

Great customer service and software

These guys are awesome!! They implemented most of my suggestions, continue to listen to my ideas and respectfully answered all of my questions. I highly recommend the software as it’s great, but even more so the customer service; without good customer service the software is of no use to me. – Management, Naz-Sect Publishing, LLC

The platform is absolutely amazing

The LicenseQuote platform is absolutely amazing with a really unbelievable service value. It does almost anything I would want it to do, and is very deep and powerful in it’s features. I’m very impressed by the work that is always going on to constantly improve the site and the “open ears” the LicenseQuote team always has to my suggestions for further developments. All in all a wonderful product!  – Simon Smart, composer/publisher, Smart Media Music

Everything I need at an affordable price

LicenseQuote does everything I need at an affordable price. I’m extremely happy with the customer service. I can’t imagine it being any better. – Composer/President, Blindfold Sound

I’ve enjoyed success

I love the service and have enjoyed success! It’s a great business model that works well, adequate and efficient. – Eddie Caldwell, owner/publisher, Music Of The Sea, Inc.

Thanks for everything you are doing

Thank you so much for everything and the great work you are all doing over there at This is exactly the kind of music licensing platform I have been waiting years for. I am incredibly happy to have found you. You have made an incredible difference in the life of my career and I cannot thank you enough for making LicenseQuote a reality. – Shaun Paul, cellist/composer/performer/instructor (

Your on-line platform is truly great

The online platform you have created is truly great. You make it possible for independent musicians who like myself, are focused upon their music, and not necessarily the online technology, to have a creditable presence in the musical marketplace. Many thanks. – Ron Lawrence, Lawrence Music Service

You’ve made my job so much easier

I wanted to write a short note to let you know how valuable the LicenseQuote service has been for my purposes. The tools you have created and the education offered on your site is amazing. Thank you for doing the hard work that has made my job so much easier. – Lorre Brewer, owner at Media Match Music

Very professional and efficient

LicenseQuote is a very professional and efficient tool to develop my musical bookstore. Furthermore, communication with LicenseQuote’s team is very nice, always attentive and available to move forward. – Christian Schittenhelm, composer at The Elektrorch Film Score Library

A brilliant product

I think Licensequote is a brilliant product idea that has potential similar to Tunecore and Taxi in empowering the indie musician. It’s a matter of time before people realize how helpful it is. – Bill Hale, Founder and President, SonicRush Productions

LicenseQuote equals excellent

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that I think LicenseQuote is fantastic. I’ve recently purchased the service and so far it’s great. Thanks for your work. – Christian Fisher, Journey of Life Productions

An indispensable tool

LicenseQuote is an indispensable tool for today’s composers and all those who work with music and licenses of use. Thanks to LicenseQuote I can sell my music and licenses worldwide without having to switch between any other party. As an Italian native speaker with sufficient familiarity with the English language, I can say that everything is immediate and comfortable enough to start working. Absolutely, the value for the price of services offered by LicenseQuote is staggering! Keep it up, you’re great! – Composer, Gian Nicola Beraldo

Commitment to its publisher/client base

I really like what you folks are doing at LicenseQuote, and feel that you WILL become the number one automated licensing service provider for publishers and other folks that license music! Your attention to detail, commitment to your customer base and willingness to keep growing and moving forward technologically will make you folks the “go to” people! – Sherri Mullen – President/Creative Director, RDSD Publishing.

Simple to use and full of helpful features

LicenseQuote is a fantastic way to setup your licensing catalog. It is so simple to use, and full of features that are a huge help. The possibilities seem endless, and they are so very helpful every step of the way and open to feedback as well. It’s wonderful! – Michael Love,

Direct, efficient and solid storefront

Everyone in the industry who has seen my new music licensing page powered by LicenseQuote has commented to me how highly professional, impressive and useful it is. This is THE long sought out solution for any composer serious about providing customers with a direct, efficient and solid system for music license agreements, payments and content delivery, all from within their own online storefront. – Steven Cravis –

Not exploitive like some other services

Your product is a game changer in my mind. All other services I have seen so far, from [all] the licensing agencies on Art Munson’s site, to Nimbit to ReverbNation are thoroughly exploitive and frankly don’t make sense any more with internet capabilities. You are offering a real service at a do-able price for a serious indie musician. – Jackie Henrion, Mamaloose Music

Doesn’t take a percentage of your sales

The concept is EXACTLY what I have been looking for to start licensing my own music directly to businesses and artists. No other service that I’ve found incorporates the license aspect of the transaction. Especially considering the fact that LicenseQuote doesn’t take a percentage of your sales. – Jonathan A.J. Lewis, Sauce Entertainment

You’ll like the back end solution

My partner and I really like the back end (sales & licensing) solution that you guys have created and look forward to getting some really good deals using your solution. – Kareem Lee, Simple Life Records

Makes your online store happen

I’ve been searching for a service like this for years!!! I’ve tried to implement SnoCap, Nimbit and other music downloading services to help drive my music licensing site with no success. This is a great time to launch my online store that has evolved over the years and using your product will make this happen. Thanks! – Joey Edwin, Multi-mediamusic

Straight forward and easy to use

The UI (User Interface) is particularly impressive. It is very straight forward and easy to use. – Composer F. John Kusiak, Kusiak Music

Great idea so badly needed right now

LicenseQuote is amazing, what a great idea and so badly needed right now. Thank you. I’ll be recommending it to clients and using it myself. – Christian Howes, Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music and Music Industry Network founder/owner on LinkedIN

Intuitive and easier than doing everything manually

Everything is quite intuitive with the back end and front end. Really super system you have which makes issuing licenses and managing them so much easier than doing everything manually! – Natalie Brown, Natalie Brown Music

All the tools our clients will need

We absolutely love the model you’ve created! It’s incredibly fast and easy to set up and has all the tools our clients will need to license our work easily and securely. Great stuff! – Deryn and Dan Cullen, Entropik Music

Great service which expedites self-publishing and licensing

I particularly liked your explanation of as a service that expedites self-publishing and licensing. It’s a great addition to the DIY space, and I was glad to learn about it. – Don Gorder, Chair, Music Business/Management Dept., Berklee College of Music

If you’d like to share your experience, feedback or thoughts, please feel free to use our testimonial form. We look forward to your input and value your thoughts and suggestions!

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