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Website Music Player + LicenseQuote integration boosts your music sales

Website Music Player (WMP) is rock-solid platform for managing, presenting and selling music directly to fans from one’s own official website and other sales pages like MySpace and Facebook.

About Website Music Player

WMP is an effective solution for artists, bands, composers, producers and record labels that have high-quality music recordings ready to promote and sell from their websites to fans and for pitching songs or instrumental tracks to music industry professionals, the media or any business interested in licensing the music for their commercial projects such as videos, ads, radio productions, websites, tv, film, background music, and many other traditional as well new online, digital or custom applications.

WMP affiliate marketing feature

Before I show how the Website Music Player and LicenseQuote (LQ) store service can be integrated, I’ll point out one of its most unique features which no other music sales player (to my knowledge) has. Besides the cool color skinning themes, setting of pricing & currency and its ability to manage single songs or sorting songs as Albums, there’s also a ground-breaking promotional feature which lets you optionally have fans act as affiliates to help promote and sell your music.

With the platinum membership plan, you can allow people to sign up under you as your affiliate. When they log in, they can copy your player code and paste it into any of their websites. Your player and playlist will show up on their sites and their visitors can buy your songs. All these sales are tracked so you know who sold what.

Affiliates do not get access to your songs. They’re only allowed to place a small bit of copy and paste (embed) code in their websites that makes your music player show up and your songs can be played and sold.

Affiliate feature gives you full control

You stay in full control of everything. You decide which songs appear and the price they’re sold. All the money goes straight to you and then you decide how big of a cut your affiliates get. You also decide when and how to pay them. Also, the commission your affiliate gets from each sale is completely up to you.  It’s simple to set whatever percentage you want to give.

The point of this is that it makes it possible for your fans and other b2b relationships (agents, promoters, foreign affiliates, etc.) to get involved with promoting your retail and licensing sales. This means you don’t have to give them a cut or your publishing ownership or control, but lets you work on a non-exclusive basis with any number of qualified, interested individuals who love your music and want to help spread awareness and work directly with you to promote your music business success!

How the WMP+LQ integration works

Now let’s see how this can be integrated with music licensing promotion and sales opportunities. When people come to your website to discover and play your music, there will be a small “License This Music” button you can place below your Website Music Player. The code for this is provided for you on the Settings > Website Embed Code page in your WMP membership area.

Live integration example

For an example, you can open up my WMP page on my site:
On this page my player features the 16 songs from my Overflowing Cup album. When you click the “License This Music” button, it opens my LicenseQuote powered store which you can also find here:

In my store I have the album title, Overflowing Cup, listed at top of the first page, so when people come to my store they can also play the whole album there by clicking the Preview player which opens the Website Music Player on a new page and allows streaming of all the songs on the playlist, which are in the same order as the original CD which I also sell on CD Baby.

People can listen to full-length versions of all my songs in high-quality (320 kbps) MP3 stereo, but the tracks are protected by voiceover watermarks which are repeated in the background about each 25 – 30 seconds. When the tracks are purchased and/or licensed, my clients can download the same high-quality files with the voiceover watermarks removed.

How you get paid… most common options

You can get paid by credit card, PayPal account or optionally, if they have an account with approved credit on terms, your clients can pay via wire transfer, money order or a check by mail. As soon as the transaction is completed, they have instant access to download the master files either from the WMP player (if they purchased the tracks there) or from my LicenseQuote powered store. Either way, they’ll be automatically directed to the correct download page, for example, in my LicenseQuote store if they registered once there.

The idea is that it’s convenient and makes sense to give all potential clients easy access to get license quotes for licensing your music for any variety of uses.  To get a complete overview of the different license types and standared pricing offered, check the (Music PublishingAnd Licensing 101) free resources page.

How much will this cost?

Though WMP has several different plans, depending on your needs and marketing goals, but the basic Vinyl package starts at $55/year, which gives you enough room for up to about 50 songs. The LicenseQuote LQ 50 plan includes up to 50 tracks (with 50 master + 50 preview files), and cost $35/year without tracks storage included. The idea is that you would use your WMP player account to store your MP3 files. So the total cost for both would be $55 + $35 = $90 per year or only about $7.50 per month.

That’s very affordable considering you could be selling retail download sales plus earning additional sales from various kinds of commercial licensing deals. And in both cases you’ll be keeping 100% of all your sales revenues all while building and promoting your own unique artist, composer, label or publisher brand name.

Projecting your commercial licensing sales revenues

Our extensive research on this has shown that over a 1 – 2 year period of time, most artists and bands will be able to sell about $3 in licensing for about each $1 of retail sales. For example, if you’re making about $100/month now per month in retail sales to fans (for their personal-use only), that about $1,200 per year, but you could make an additional $3k a year in addtional licensing sales.

Of course this will vary depending on your style of music and general marketing, promotion and visibility. Of course, the more people that are visiting your website and the more you’re reaching out to businesses and various industry professionals, the more likely that your songs will start being in demand for various licensing deals.

Get ready and always be prepared

The best way to prepare for such opportunities is to have that License Quote button available for music supervisors and any interested licensing buyers to instantly calculate some licensing prices and be able to contact you in case they want to request a quote (like for a custom usage) or maybe place a bid based on their budget. The easier you make it for them to get pricing and quickly negotiate directly with you, the more likely that a deal will be made and paid for.

When you get these kinds of deals, you’ll want to add them to your list of credits, so other people can see what you’re doing and learn about your area of specialty and success.  I’ve got my list of credits on my official page at  You don’t have to list ALL your deals there, but maybe a sampling of your most interesting licenses, along with some links to the businesses or other artists that have licensed your music for their business use.

No rocket science needed!

Keep in mind that LicenseQuote makes it easy for you and/or your record label team to set up and manage the licensing side of your music business. Your publishing account will automatically track all licensing inquiries, sold licenses, and you can run periodic (weekly or monthly) sales reports to track all your activity.

Get and stay in control of your own music business

This puts you in full control with a few simple “point & click” admin pages and even the contracts and receipts are taken care of automatically, so you and your clients have instant access to them. This means you can be up and running with your first licensing sale, and even collect the money during your Free 30-day trial period. This way you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from this Risk-Free trial period which is offered to all new LicenseQuote publishing members. If you’re ready to start, give it a try and let us know about your first success story which you can post on our Music PAL (Publishing And Licensing) industry networking group on LinkedIN.


  1. LUIS says:

    Can this work in any browser?
    Does the code have html or use some php, because my system is prepared for e-comerce but doesn’t work with php files.

  2. Luis,
    Yes, both the Website Music Player (WMP) and the LicenseQuote stores work in all popular browsers including the latest Safari, FireFox and Internet Explorer. The WMP players and LQ stores and music flash players work great embed on your website regardless of your site’s HTML or PHP code usage.