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Construction packs: easy way for producers to edit songs

Andrew Oye of developed and launched a new product which makes it easy for music supervisors and producers to edit his music tracks for use in their audio/video sync projects.  The construction packs are broken down sections of the full-length songs offered from his licensing store which contain multiple parts for endless mixing possibilities.

Mix and match with drag & drop ease

These new construction pack series allows videographers full control over music in their projects with simple drag and drop use, for example of available intros, verses, chorus, bridges, transistions and ending parts which can be mixed and matched according to their project’s creative needs. This turns stock music into instantly customized track mixes.

Small price for huge value

These construction packs are available for a small fee of $9.99 after licensing the full song tracks from Andrew’s licensing store. Andrew invites his clients to call or email him and then sends them an receipt (which can be paid with PayPal) and download link. The files are then easily unzipped at time of importing to their studio for placement in the video timeline.

Video demonstrates ease of use

Andrew provides instructions on his Construction Packs web page which includes a YouTube video tutorial with a demo of how this works. The video uses some creative footage from an actual Coca-Cola commercial which comes alive with a variety of Andrew’s music construction packs.

“Lego” blocks, not just shorter versions

If you are a catalog or library owner, you may want to offer something like this to your own licensing clients. What’s unique is that these are not just shorter variations of the same full-length song, but a series of small sections, about 5 – 15 seconds each, which can be put together, like Lego blocks, to create unique variations of the same song in any order or length.

In the video you’ll see a couple examples of how easy it is for video editors to “build” a custom track to creatively and seamlessly fit a project’s scene.

With a bit of planning, this can be done for any existing instrumental or even vocal tracks, as long as an audio editor is used to find the right “split” points for the song’s various construction parts.

Staying on the cutting-edge

If you’ve never seen or used anything like these construction packs, you can credit LicenseQuote for being among the the first to discover and report the best and newest music business and technology breakthroughs which helps artists, composers, publishers and their clients stay on the cutting-edge of the music and creative media industries.

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