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Creating complete songs, regardless of intended genre, mood or arrangement, works best when inspired from the heart in its purest art form. It’s not a formula geared for crass, mass-produced commercial exploitation; yet, because of it’s amazing art and craft, could have as much commercial potential as anything which could be custom written and produced to fit a particular project.

Songs like this which are fresh, unique and ready for publishing may qualify for virtually any commercial placement (e.g. film, games, tv, advertising, etc.) without artistic compromise, and can also be promoted as new cover songs material for mechanical royalty licensing.

The theory of art and commerce

When music is created and produced on this level of “pure art” form, it has tremendous potential to be discovered, capture attention, inspire and be shared and used by others. Essentially this is what every artist, whether composer, songwriter, producer or vocalist, normally intends to aim for. None go out of their way to produce bad or average material, and they certainly don’t want to hide their best work from exposure to the audiences who are most likely to appreciate it. If it inspires them and it is well crafted and produced (with great talent and years of experience), they are more than willing to have it heard, shared and made available for appropriate and successful commercial applications.

This is where music licensing comes in, because all composed and recorded music is intellectual property protected by copyrights, which can be used for a fair (standard or negotiated) price based on its unique usage.

Anything which slows or road-blocks this process tends to kill deals, on both sides of the table, frustrating both the content owners (publishers, licensors) and the potential licensees (users) of the songs. Of course frustration is exactly the opposite of the beauty of inspirational music and is never intended, but happens all too commonly.

That’s why we believe LicenseQuote provides such a great opportunity for music creators to connect directly with the people searching for the kind of music which inspires them and meets their artistic and commercial application needs. The best part is that by nature of the creators being able to publish fully pre-cleared material – unless stated or restricted otherwise, the music supervisors, businesses and licensing buyers can rest assured that nearly ALL music is pre-cleared and readily accessible.

Direct and pre-cleared, something to love

This means no long or uncertain waiting to get the compositions and/or masters cleared. In most cases the standard license types will cover the most typical licensing scenarios and only a bit of tweaking is needed to customize any intended usage. Custom or new media uses (not already covered) can be quickly negotiated via a custom quote request option. When approved and finalized, the license can be paid via credit card or PayPal account, and then instant access is given to download the receipt, license contract and audio master file. It’s that simple and should rarely be more difficult, tedious or time consuming, for example such as when trying to license something belonging to multiple publishing owners when there’s no “one stop” licensing source available, or if available, it’s so expense and time consuming that all inspiration to use a certain piece is snuffed out and lost.

Right song + availiability = success!

So next time you land in a LicenseQuote powered music licensing store… find some music, preview it and calculate some quotes. You’re likely to find something inspiring, and maybe even a perfect fit for your next creative project. And you won’t have to worry that when you need it and are ready to license and download it, you’ll get over-charged or have to wait for eons to get this and that, or the other thing cleared. That’s for the birds and we believe they’ll soon fly away!

Find it, love it, license it!

Welcome to the new world of music discovery and licensing, where the music and the whole process of licensing it, makes and keeps you inspired! And by the way, if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, you can easily contact the publishers and composers directly (from their website and licensing stores) to ask how much they’d charge to create a custom piece for you. You might be surprised at what they’ll come up with from their creative treasure chests, or what newly inspired work they’ll create to share with you. That’s their joy and passion, so don’t be afraid to ask them.

To share some inspiration, here’s a great song called Theory Of Love by Steven Cravis and vocals by Queenie.

Description: Pop featuring the singer songwriter Queenie
Tags: music for television, film and games, female voice, dance, pop, wedding dance song, love theme, uplifting

Song Lyrics:
Theory Of Love
Lyrics, Vocal by Queenie, Music by Steven Cravis

In the scope of the future past I
Realize from this logic there’s no escape
My eyes are tired and the hours seem to fly
When will it begin to take shape

The formula is simple in design
But more complex than the surface would indicate
When it’s real it’s easy to define
Will I know it before it’s too late

I feel awareness that I never did
I feel alive as if I had never lived
For you I make this leap of faith alone
The past forgotten the future unknown

Do you believe that miracles abound
Do you believe that which was lost is found
Perhaps a vacuum of self I’m guilty of
Will I prove this theory of love

I see the light I’m closer to the truth
Realize it has always begun with you
Your inner light shines like a secret sun
Because I know that you are the one

Do you believe that miracles abound
Do you believe that which was lost is found
Perhaps a vacuum of self I’m guilty of
Will I prove the theory of love

The theory, theory, theory of love…

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