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More than ever we are seeing the trend of music supervisors and licensing buyers being able to access music directly for licensing from the source. 

LicenseQuote continues enabling the music industry to do business (as never before) by providing the searching, previewing,  license pricing, contracts, receipts and download access needed to foster efficient, professional relationships between the music creators and the industry people needing to license their tracks for an unlimited variety of commercial media projects.

Music licensing from the source

Part of what makes this trend so accessible is that LicenseQuote is geared to serve its publishing clients, the music creators/owners, on a business model “agnostic” platform which supports virtually any kind of music publishing and licensing operation. This means that regardless of rate card structures, terms, pricing, catalog specialty or marketing objectives, the music publishers can use the LicenseQuote platform to reflect their business model without having to change or compromise it.

What makes this possible are the combination of customizable settings for the brands, genres, licensing profiles, pricing matrix, negotiation options, license descriptions, collection options and even the editing of the body for the licensing contracts.

Now also a store skinning support feature makes it possible for the publishers to integrate their licensing store on their site’s music licensing page(s) to perfectly fit with their existing colors & fonts design theme.

Beyond this, there are also simple but powerful API link options for special usage and functions integration. For example, to open the store with a pre-set selection of brands, genres, keywords or unique tags. This makes it easy, for example, to integrate an existing or new genres search page with the tracks page of the licensing store, or even open specific tracks directly on the Licenses page. Please see some live examples below.

Examples from

To provide a few interactive examples,  I’ll refer you to Andrew Oye’s site.  You’ll notice that it features a number of Genre options on the front page, using some standard API links to open the Store on dedicated Genre pages.  For example, when you select the “Corporate” genre, it opens up to this page:

You’ll find all the Corporate genre tracks there ready for instant previewing, or use the keywords search, such as “uplifting”, to further narrow the search down as needed.  Other API links includes the Pricing page to get a quick overview of Andrew’s customized rate cards, or get a quote for a custom scoring project. Also check the embed store registration and login pages which are posted at the top of Andrew’s home page.

The store sharing features also makes it easy for Licensing clients to bookmark tracks, save them on the Licenses projects page, or send them as links to colleagues or other collaborators.  For example, the track Achieve which features “uplifting and inspirational pop/rock with violins, cellos, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, drums” can be emailed to preview or instantly test-sync with target video tracks in streaming mode before deciding to download the temp dub or master file, as needed.

True one-stop service

Custom changes can also be requested for the track, and all the licensing is available in a “one stop” environment regardless of usage including the masters, syncs, mechanicals, performances, ringtones or custom uses for any special needs. This is a great way to save time and money… by licensing the music directly from its published source.

In the near future I’ll post more articles with other examples of music publishers using their LicenseQuote powered stores and tools to present and offer their music services directly to their music licensing clients and various end users. Thanks and stay tuned!

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