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Strategies for integrating a Licensing Store with your web site

The LicenseQuote powered store catalog is very powerful yet flexible. You can use it to sell music licenses, retail songs, free downloads or blanket licenses and much more. It’s up to you to configure it according to your needs (we are here to help).

Here is a short list of main integration options, ordered form simple to most complex:

1. Link to the licensing store. Grab the link form the Licensing Store page in your console and put it or share it anywhere you like (web site, Facebook, Twitter…).

2. Embed the licensing store on a page on your website (It requires require 700 pixels of width). Get the embed code from the Licensing Store page in the console and place it inside your HTML code using any text editor. A bit of HTML orientation is needed so you place it in the right spot (ask us for help if needed). This is the most recommended way of doing things as its simple.

3. Use our store as in 1 or 2, but link to YOUR music player when the user clicks the Play button. You can do that by entering your player popup page URL instead of filenames on the Add Track page or when importing your entire catalog using a CSV file. Each such URL must contain some info (e.g. track name) for your player to know which song needs to be played and your player must have its own HTML page to be opened as popup. Obviously this requires some coding. Also note that you’d need to change a setting on the Tracks/Songs > configure Dialog  (console) so LicenseQuote knows it should open a popup page instead of trying to play a music file in our player (which is the default).

4. Add “License” and/or “Buy” and/or “Play” buttons near each one of your songs in YOUR existing catalog using our API. These buttons will open the Licensing Store for the selected song in a popup window. That’s more complicated and time consuming but possible. This gives you ultimate control over the way your catalog is displayed, while launching the LicenseQuote goodies only on demand. This works well for established sites or catalogs using their own complex systems. Check out the API page in the console for more details. This can be used in combination with 3.described above.

If you need advice or help do not hesitate to contact us.

We can even perform the integration work for you for a reasonable fee or free of charge if it’s not much work. We can also provide some links to great examples of existing clients with sites and stores already implementing most of these integration options ranging from simple, yet very elegant, to complete “tricked out” by themselves or with some help from their webmasters. Regardless, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised & inspired by some of the cool creative approaches you’ll find!

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