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Licensing Stores performance for huge catalogs

If you happen to own the rights to a 50,000 tracks catalog and wondered if you can use a LicenseQuote powered licensing store to increase licensing revenues and streamline operations, you can rest assured. In the last months we optimized and tested the licensing stores to work without any performance degradation with catalogs of up to 100,000 songs!

The store displays 10 tracks per page and as many pages as needed. Page number 10,000 loads as fast as page number 1. The trick is a scalable back-end database, fast indexes, smart filtering algorithms and lean page loading code.

Note that you can mass import your songs catalog into LicenseQuote, 20000 songs at a time. You can also integrate LQ into your existing business using our API.

We never rest and plan to improve performance further in 2011 so that the stores load even faster. We are also planning more advanced APIs. Stay tuned.

If you need help converting and importing your data or have custom needs I’m here to help (big or small catalogs). Just drop me a note and I’ll work with you to plan and help with your LQ integration. You can always contact me personally at doron [a t] LicenseQuote [d o t] com.

Happy Licensing,
Chief Technology Officer

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