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Interview with Michael Borges

Guitar International just posted a cool interview with Michael Borges:

Interview with Michael Borges of

Below is the first Q &A, then follow above link to read the rest of the article!

Rick Landers: There are thousands of people writing music these days and many are lost with respect to how to get their music to market in a way that protects their copyrights and provides some income, and at a reasonable cost. What does your site, LicenseQuote, offer songwriters?

Michael: LicenseQuote is a very accessible online service which anyone can use to license their music, from small indie artists all the way up to huge catalogs. We treat all our clients the same and they all keep 100% of the revenues from their licensing sales, which gets paid directly into their own PayPal account, or they can collect by check, wire or other standard methods.

Our clients also retain all of their music and recording copyrights. This means we’re not their publisher, or sub or co-publisher, so they keep full control of all their own publishing rights. Plus we offer all this for a very affordable monthly or yearly pricing, starting as low as $35 a year.

Some of the features customers have with their accounts include licensing negotiation, automated pricing and billing, a display of their catalog of songs and some API tools for marketing their product. We think it’s a powerful and flexible system for all kinds of music people, including independent artists, composers, publishers and others.

The LicenseQuote powered Licensing Stores are a place where people can search and preview songs in order to find or discover music that they may want to license for use or buy as a download. I guess the key thing here is that songwriters control their own store and get 100% of any profits from it.

We also have tutorials to help out people with new accounts that will help them manage their accounts.

One thing we started was LinkedIN group called Music Publishing and Licensing that now has over 6,500 members. It’s a great place for songwriters and composers to network, ask questions and discuss all kinds of music business related issues. Quite a few of our members are experienced music supervisors, licensing buyers, library owners and publishers, many who are on the lookout for new music sources.  So, we think it’s also a great spot for people to check out and join.

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