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Custom licensing profile – setup tutorial

The article below was contributed to our LicenseQuote blog by Michael Nickolas, founder/owner of Studio Nine Productions. He is author of THE INDEPENDENT ARTISTS GUIDE TO PRICING MUSIC (Or, “How much should I license my music for?) and is also published author on such popular music publications as Recording Magazine, Berklee Today and has music placements experience with NBC, ABC, CBS.   

Custom licensing profile – setup tutorial

As a licensor you are most likely aware that for any given circumstance there are differences in what companies/clients are willing to pay for music. This makes it difficult when setting the price structure for your music here on The default licensing profile is a good starting point, and you do have the ability to customize it more to your liking, or even to make a new profile from scratch. The more research into rates you do and pricing sources you are able to reference, the more comfortable you will be with the prices you charge!

Earlier this year I received a call, the person described the project which was a regional Public Service Announcement (PSA) that needed to license existing music. I couldn’t give her a quote right then, having no idea what the going rate for a PSA to air regionally was! I did some research to come up with a number and after doing that, continued researching to get numbers for many other situations so I could have them readily available. I looked at rate cards issued by multiple music libraries, music supervisor and producer budgets for specific projects and used my own personal experience. I’ve published my findings in “The Independent Artists Guide to Pricing Music” available here:
The following is a step by step showing how to set up a custom licensing profile using numbers found in my guide. Of course the numbers and categories you choose to use can come from anywhere or may be an average of a few different sources including my guide, the default licensing profile and etc. License Quote’s Pricing Matrix editor is comprehensive and you should be able to set up a custom profile to meet your exact needs!
First, from your account page, click on “Licensing Profiles”. Click the “Create New Profile” button and enter a name for your profile. Click “insert”.
Next, start setting up the type of license’s you’ve decided to offer. We’ll pick one from my guide as an example. If you would like to remove all existing default types first, you can do so as follows:
Click “edit” for the new profile. Click the Pricing Matrix Edit button. Click on the “Licenses” category, then click the delete button.
LicenseQuote makes it easy to build on this blank slate. Referencing page four of “The Independent Artists Guide to Pricing Music”, there is a category called “Non-Broadcast For Sale”. Two types are listed: “DVD, Video, CD-ROM up to 2,500” and “DVD, Video, CD-ROM up to 25,000”. Examples of these types of projects include workout DVD’s and Educational/Informative DVD’s for sale to the public. To get this information into your custom licensing profile do the following:
Click on add category and type “Non-Broadcast For Sale” into the name field. Click the check mark icon. Expand this category and click on add type. Enter “DVD, Video, CD-ROM up to 2,500 copies” into the name field. Put the number from the guide into the Base Price field. Repeat these steps for the up to 25,000 copies type. 

That’s simple enough and LicenseQuote gives you even more control if you choose. You would most likely want to charge more if the piece of music you are licensing will be used multiple times within the same production. This can be done as follows: expand the “DVD, Video, CD-ROM up to 2,500 copies” category and click on add property. Enter “Additional uses in the same production” into the name field. Select “Per Copy Add” and click on the check mark icon. Expand the “Additional uses in the same production” property and click on “Add Value”. Enter in from 1 to 10 and the price you would like to get for each additional use. (For example, $100.00)
Here’s how these entries would appear on your Pricing Matrix Edit page.
(Click image to enlarge)

Now when the client uses the License Calculator they will have the choice to enter the quantity of additional uses and see how much it will cost!

LicenseQuote features powerful tools for creating custom licensing profiles. Use LicenseQuote’s default numbers and resources, like my pricing guide along with your own research, and you will have the confidence to accurately price your music!

Contributed by Michael Nickolas, Studio Nine Productions,

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