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Over the last few years I’ve done quit a bit of research and study on basic music publishing and licensing resources. Eventually I narrowed it down to a few essential resources which I’ll  list with titles, links and author credits below.  These resources will give anyone interested in publishing and licensing their music a great introduction and overview of the subject.

Most of these articles come from different, independent sources, though many are also posted on the Music Biz Academy site which is geared for independent musicians in the business of selling, promoting or doing music on the internet. They also offer online studies, a bookstore and various opportunity resources.

Also, recently we posted an article highlighting some introductory points from the “Making Music Make Money” book by Eric Beall, published by Berklee Press, another invaluable resource!

Here’s the list:

How Entertainment Lawyers Work: by Diane Dannefeldt

How To Copyright Musicby David Nevue

How To Make Money From Music Licensingby Andrew Aversa

  • I. What is Licensing?
  • II. Who Needs Licensed Music?
  • III. Production Music Libraries and You
  • IV. How Can I License My Own Music?

How to Offer a Mechanical License for Your Own Musicby David Nevue

Making Music Make Money – An Insider’s Guide to Becoming Your Own Music Publisher (Berklee Press)by Eric Beall

Money… The Cold Hard Facts About Music Licensingby The G-Man

Performance Royaltiesby Keith Holzman

Publishing Deals Made Easy: A Thumbnail Sketchby Bart Day

Should You Start Your Own Publishing Company?by Peter Spellman

Disclaimer: The above resources and information are provided only for general information and are the views and opinions of the respective authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of, its management or owners.

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