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Selecting the right plan to fit your needs

After signing up for your LicenseQuote Free plan, you’ll immediately have access to all features and functions.

Options to consider during your evaluation period
If you don’t have any of your track’s audio files uploaded anywhere, and don’t plan to in the near future, you may find it convenient to use our integrated storage for both your master and preview files. Keep in mind that LicenseQuote won’t convert your master files to preview files, so you’ll need to upload your own Preview files (in MP3 format) for each track. For example, with the LQ 200 plan, you’ll be able to upload 200 master files (in MP3, WAV or AIF format) and 200 preview files in MP3 format.

If you have most or all of your tracks already uploaded to your own server or other storage service, you’ll want to prepare a list of track file links so you can enter them for each track on the Tracks > Edit Track page. We suggest you enter a few manually and test the Play buttons in your Store to see how it’s working.

Linking examples:
For each track you’ll need to enter a link for the Master file and the Preview file. The links can go directly to a track file like this: (master file example) (preview file example)

Note: If you wish, you can a lower quality MP3 Preview file, and highest quality (320 kbps) MP3 master file, and only deliver a large non-lossy WAV or AIF upon your client’s request, as needed.

Comparing storage costs
Keep in mind that you’ll normally save money if you are hosting your tracks on your own server, but there may not be much cost difference between using our integrated storage plan vs. paying for an external storage service. If the costs are nearly the same, it’s strictly a matter of what’s easier and more convenient for you, and what gives you the most management flexibility in the long term.

Upgrading plans to match your catalog growth
It’s no problem to upgrade your plan at anytime. On the Subscription page you can cancel your current plan an then select and activate a new one. After your subscription upgrade, we will send you a prorated refund (to your PayPal account)  for any unused amount based on your active billing cycle. This makes it easy, for example, to upgrade from the LQ 200 to the LQ 500 plan after you grow your catalog beyond 200 songs. In the same way you can also downgrade your plan when needed.

Monthly vs yearly payment options
All plans are available on a monthly or yearly payment basis. Paying yearly will save you about 25%, so it’s like getting two months “free”. If you’re not sure exactly what your needs or marketing objectives are, we suggest you start with a monthly payment for any plan you select, and give yourself a few months to further evaluate your needs. Later you can still switch to a yearly plan, but that will be a one year commitment from that point on. You can switch anytime, and again, please cancel your current plan and then start a new one, after which you’ll receive a refund for any unused portion based on your previous billing cycle.

Tips to launch quickly and effectively
If you have more than about 50 tracks, you’ll want to take advantage of our Import/Export feature which  you can access on the Catalog > Tracks admin page in your account. This is a great time saver, but before you try to import your first “batch” of tracks, we recommend you first set up 3 or 4 tracks manually, and then Export the data (.CSV) file to review the format in your spreadsheet, script or text editor. Then you’ll see the field labels that are used. This makes it easy to follow the same format when adding your next batch of song titles along with their meta data, such as the composer name, copyright info, description, genre, licensing profile and track files, etc. A help file and Import wizard makes it easy to get started. Once you’ve learned how to import 5  or 10 tracks, the rest is easy because they’ll all be done the same way.

Time to test your Licensing Store!
PayPal or credit card purchase transaction, or use the “Check by mail” payment method option on the Collection Settings page. You’ll see the purchase appear on your Licensing Inquiry page (in your account) or if payment is completed, it will appear on your Sold Licenses page. This is a great way to quickly understand and evaluate how the whole licensing process works for both you and your licensing clients!

Learn as you go… and grow.
Once you focus on getting started, you need only setup a few songs in your catalog to see how the whole process works, as described above. If you have hundreds or thousands of tracks, there’s no need to set them all up right away, just start with a few (10 – 20) to experience all the other features which are fully functional during your Free trial period. For example, 20 tracks will fill up 2 pages in your Store (10 tracks per page), and then you can test how your searching will work based on how you set up your Brands, Genres, sub-genres (if any), Descriptions and Tags.

Getting familiar with the Licensing Profiles feature
You can start with our default Licensing Profile, including our full range of license types with standard (default) pricing. After you’re familiar with the edit options on the Licensing Profiles and Edit pages, you can start adjusting them or add new profiles to fit your needs. For example you can add new license types or delete all (from the Edit > Pricing Edit page) and set up your own rate cards.

Explore on your own and find Help when needed
Be assured, there’s plenty of help along the way! At the top right of each admin page, there’s a question mark ‘Help file’ icon. It includes basic instructions along with best practices, hints and tips for each page’s unique functions. We also post video tutorials for some of the more advanced features and you’ll also find small tool tip info “bubbles” on many admin pages
to guide you with appropriate orientation and tips. If you get stuck or encounter what appears to be a bug, please send us an email via our contact link (at top of your account’s Home page) or give us a call for any customer service you may need.

Practice makes perfect… as your music teacher always said!
We’ve found that most of our LicenseQuote clients “master” all our basic features during the first few days. If you’re busy getting things ready, we understand, so take your time and enjoy. We’re confident that you’ll discover some great features and soon will feel “at home” with your catalog management tools and licensing store environment. The first few weeks of hands-on experience with LQ Pro helps most of our members decide exactly what they’ll need and which plan will fit them best.

In conclusion, regardless of which LQ plan you decide to start with, we’ll be there to help you manage your changes and growth needs. We look forward to being your music licensing ecommerce solutions provider!

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