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New pricing announcement

In May 2010, the new subscription pricing has been lowered and optimized to accommodate both smaller and larger size catalogs alike. Standard plan capacities now include 200, 500 and 1,000 songs and starts as low as $9/month or $80/year. For additional flexibility and savings, we now offer the choice to pay monthly or yearly for all LicenseQuote Pro plan options. 

Introducing the new LQ 200 and on up…
Appropriately the plans are simply named: LQ 200, LQ 500 and LQ 1000. Each plan includes one master and preview track file for each song,  so for example with the LQ 200 plan, you can upload (or link to) 200 master + 200 preview tracks for a total of 400 track files. Same goes for all plans, so the LQ 500 plan let’s you upload (or link to) 500 master and 500 preview files, etc. We’ve found that some of our clients provide the highest quality MP3 files which are used as both the Master and Preview files, but we leave these decisions up to you. In such case if your clients still request a non-lossy file (e.g. WAV or AIF), you can offer them a separate download link. This let’s you manage your track files as flexibly and conveniently as needed regardless of your catalog size or plan option.  

Upload your tracks to our server or yours
The new plan pricing options include LicenseQuote hosting your music (preview and master) track files or letting you host your music files on your own server or any 3rd party online storage service. This flexible approach makes it possible for you to enter or import your track links (instead of uploading the files) and to make them available for preview and post-purchase downloading from your licensing store. If you’ve already uploaded them somewhere, it saves time and costs by not needing to upload the same tracks (again) to our server, thereby helping you manage all your tracks form one centralized location whether on your server, ours or a third party solution you may have set up, such as, SoundCloud and many other fine storage services.  

Need a custom plan?
Custom plan quotes are now provided for catalogs and libraries with over 1,000 tracks.
Best of all, all our standard and custom plans have our whole set of features included!
The only difference between plans are the total number of songs you can setup in your store and
your option to pay either monthly or yearly. This makes it easy to migrate between plans, for example, when upgrading
to accommodate more tracks in your expanding library. 

All plans include:

  • Unlimited brands and custom defined genres/subgenres
  • Unlimited albums or collections, rate cards and licensing profiles
  • Branded and customizable store front with advanced search
  • Master & preview files storage included (with certain plans) or linking to external tracks or music player pages.
  • License pricing and quoting, negotiations and reporting
  • Online or off-line license buyer billing and contract generation
  • Rotation in our LicenseQuote Pro Gallery (for additional exposure!)
  • Monthly or yearly payment options
  • FREE Trial accounts (No risk, satisfaction guaranteed!)
  • Fast, friendly customer service & tech support

And don’t forget, LicenseQuote takes NO commission with any of our plans,
so you always keep 100% of all your licensing sales revenues!

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