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New features announcement

Recently we’ve added many powerful new features for all our LicenseQuote plan members to use!

Here’s a list of the most important new features:

  • Mass import your songs/tracks catalog meta data for fast and efficient ingestion of tracks, to be used with the LicenseQuote powered private label Licensing Store. Any spreadsheet which can be saved in standard CSV format will work. A sample template, instructions and Import “wizard” make the process easy to use.
  • Setup, add and manage an unlimited number of custom defined Brands, Genres, Licensing Types, Categories and “Rate Card” profiles with all LicenseQuote Plan offerings.
  • Support for license buyers to pay offline, use custom payment modes or take advantage of our streamlined online credit card payments.
  • New ‘Per Copy’ license pricing calculation mechanism which can calculate the price per copy for single or multiple tier rate cards and buyer input/property selections.
  • New customizable licensing types include a Mechanical Royalty License and Ring Tone licenses offerings.
  • Ability for buyers to get quotes without registering.
  • Added support for free/demo/preview licenses.
  • Expanded Licensing Store search features now include searching for tracks by full or partial titles, artist, composer, catalog brand, file name, song/track description keywords, genres and sub genres (when available).
  • Store presentation options allow for editing the store title and publisher name (with optional link to the publisher’s web site), a captcha protected email contact form and a graphic image at top of the licensing store (more to come!).
  • Improved contract editing and receipts, advanced negotiation means, improved reports, new friendly setup wizard, better Mac support, better handling of file formats and playback, improved scalability, faster loading licensing stores… and much more.
  • Export your complete music library for offline backup, or to make batch edits and prepare for an updated Import.
  • Mass delete entire catalogs or libraries along with their associated track files. This mass deletion feature comes handy to manage important contract renewal changes and/or expiration deadlines, etc.
  • More control over the size of your image for the header in your store. You can now upload any JPG, PNG or SWF (flash) file and optimize it to fit in the header at top of the store. Control the width and height of the header to match the size and placement of your image or flash file.

In summary all plans include these features and services:

  • Unlimited brands and custom defined genres/subgenres
  • Unlimited albums or collections, rate cards and licensing profiles
  • Branded and customizable store front with advanced search
  • Master & preview files storage included (with certain plans) or linking to external tracks or music player pages.
  • License pricing and quoting, negotiations and reporting
  • Online or off-line license buyer billing and contract generation
  • Monthly or yearly payment options
  • FREE Trial accounts (No risk, satisfaction guaranteed!)
  • Fast, friendly customer service & tech support

Thanks for your continued input and feedback!

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