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LicenseQuote is a music licensing e-commerce solution Software As A Service (SAAS) for independent music creators, publishers, labels, catalogs and libraries to license their compositions and music recordings directly from their own web sites while keeping 100% of the sales revenues.

The LicenseQuote service provides a powerful array of publishing and licensing tools for music publishers to set up and manage their own branded Licensing Store on their own websites to facilitate licensing sales transactions directly with their existing and future customer base.

LicenseQuote gives music publishers full-charge control over every possible license type and pricing scenario including: advertising, radio, TV, video, film, sync, corporate, games, composition, sound recordings, web sites, music on hold, performance, plus many more standard and unlimited custom-negotiated applications.

The Team

Michael Borges (retired founder)
Michael Borges is founder/owner of AMsystem - Innovative Products and Services Since 1981. Michael´s entrepreneurial career has involved a number of successful new product inventions, developments and marketing ventures. Michael is also an active musician with a background in composing, arranging, recording, production, publishing and music licensing. A few years ago he came up with a vision for a service to provide music publishers with an easy way to publish and license their music from their own websites. This started in March 2008 with the LicenseQuote on-line music licensing calculator which has evolved into the current comprehensive LicenseQuote service.
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Doron Erblich
Doron Erblich is a senior software technology expert, user experience designer, and entrepreneur. He has extensive experience in developing and managing large research, corporate and entrepreneurial projects. Some of the positions that Doron held: Development Manager at Recyfer (corporate application security software), CTO at CapAngel (P2P micro investments marketplace), CTO at Xcbit (conferences in Virtual Worlds), Founder at Stick&Stone (3D simulators and games) and technical lead at Virtual Ego (semi-autonomous objects/avatars). Doron is also a former IBM Research project leader and staff member, a MAMRAM graduate (elite Israeli Military IT unit) and holds a University degree in computer science.
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Industry Groups

We manage the Music Publishing And Licensing (aka Music PAL) group on LinkedIN.
Music PAL is a group for music publishers, licensing buyers and related industry professionals to network, discuss trends and develop their business/career opportunities. Music publishers, composers, songwriters, labels, catalogs, libraries and music supervisors are welcome to join.
Please visit and join us on LinkedIN.

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