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SXISMA LLC is the sole representative of Katerina Stamatelos's music and art: its central office is located in Manhattan, New York City. To facilitate the management of the diverse manifestations of the musical output of this unique artist, it operates under the following names:
SXISMA RECORDS handles all recordings concerning the compositional or piano-interpretational work of Katerina Stamatelos.
SXISMA EDITIONS is an ASCAP member and the official music publisher of Katerina Stamatelos's compositions or arrangements.


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Abyss II
Artist: Katerina Stamatelos
Composer: Katerina Stamatelos
Copyright: 1999 SXISMA EDITIONS
Songs And Prayers Of The Abyss is based on four poems written (in Greek) by the composer in Thessaloniki, Greece, between 1994 and 1996. The composer writes: "It took me some time to realize that these poems belonged together thematically." The main figure of the work is a woman who is seeking knowledge of the sacred. These poems of meditation represent the phases of her apocalyptic journey. Each song expresses her confidence in the knowledge she already holds: the knowledge of truth and beauty. However, each "song" is followed by an "abyss" that challenges her beliefs and shakes her confidence. With each confrontation her horror grows. License

Four Love Songs
Artist: Katerina Stamatelos
Composer: Katerina Stamatelos
Copyright: 1997 SXISMA EDITIONS
for Soprano and Piano (1997) Lyrics: Katerina Stamatelos. Duration: 9 minutes. Karin Laine, soprano Katerina Stamatelos, piano Composers’ Workshop Concert, Clapp Recital Hall, The University of Iowa, School of Music, Iowa City, IA, February 23, 1997. License

Metamorfa I
Artist: Katerina Stamatelos
Composer: Katerina Stamatelos
Copyright: 2005 SXISMA EDITIONS
METAMORFA I, op. 16: composed for solo bassoon (2005). Duration: 5 minutes. Composition commissioned by: Benjamin Coelho. The title of this composition is a "created" word (the Greek language carries in itself the capability/plasticity for creating endless new words, simply by combining/recombining its "roots"). "Meta" (meaning 'after' or 'beyond') is combined here with the root "morfa" deriving from the noun "morfe" (=form). The result of this new word is the "new" meaning of Forms-Beyond, an interesting title for compositions resulting from manipulations of model-forms! License

Nocturn No.1
Artist: Katerina Stamatelos
Composer: Katerina Stamatelos
Copyright: 1996 SXISMA EDITIONS
Composed for violoncello and piano (1996). Duration: 6 minutes. Composition commissioned by: James Ellis. "During the early centuries of Christianity, its adherents were often forced to hold night assemblies, or Vigils-Vigil services consist primarily of prayers, scripture readings, and singing of psalms. The central portion of the Vigil, celebrated in the last hours of the night, was later called Nocturn." (Richard H Hoppin, Medieval Music). My violoncello-piano Nocturn No.1 is the "Vigil" of a Twentieth-century Christian: prayer and nightmare. License